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Khaled Eraky Architects

KE Architects, A Subsidiary of KE Holding Ltd. 

KE Architects was established out of a belief that the quality of life is intrinsically connected to the quality of built space. To this aim, we find equal inspiration in the passions of our clients and in the beauty of context. Inquiry, discovery, dialogue, and reflection factor together in an approach to design which is analytical in nature, and fundamentally collaborative.

We combine the practical sensibilities of construction experience with ongoing ties design in order to cultivate an ethic of respect for the art of building, an appreciation for history and culture, and of ideas made tangible. We believe that beauty reaches beyond the visual and that clarity is truth.


Since 1985, KE Architects has designed hundreds of projects; commercial, residential and entertainment; each design has its own concept which meets the individual needs of client. So it takes us special time and care to reach the utmost using of spaces that provide maximum functionality. To guarantee clients excellent designs that perfectly meets their needs.

KE Architects registered at the Egyptian/Arab Syndicate of Engineers at Architecture Department No. 3297 / 815397. And with a legal commercial and tax registry.


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